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SEO and Social Media Hybrid Program

SEO and Social Media Hybrid Program

SEO and Social Media Hybrid System

Using my specialized Search Engine Optimization with Social Media, I develop small key worded websites that boost your visibility on Google. I know how difficult and expensive it can be to rank on Google using traditional SEO techniques alone. By using the power of Social Media, we can effectively attract your target audience and bring them to your website. If you’re tired of paying for SEO and not seeing your organic rankings increase, continue reading.

What I am about to share with you is something that about 99% of web developers, search engine optimization professionals and social media managers do not understand. Or they think it is so expensive to do that they just ignore it. In the past, you could have one website, focused on SEO, and fairly easily ranked on page one of Google near the top of the list. Times have changed and Google is doing everything they can to get you to spend money on AdWords and this is what most people now do. Statistics tell us that the majority of users on the Internet do not click on an AdWord, but they do click on the organic listings on pages 1-5. In fact 37% of the people do not click on page one of Google search results.

The more information on how you can set your business up to be found on pages 1-5 of Yahoo, Google and Bing, enter your name, phone number and email address to the right. I will look forward to your call where I will be able to share with you the exact strategy we use to help businesses be found more often and have more clients with more revenue than you ever thought possible.

Maggie Chang

Maggie Chang
Birdie SEO – Owner


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