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Maggie here, and happy Monday afternoon to all of you out there watching this clip! I just want to shoot you a few words of encouragement as this next week starts, and a big reminder as the last week has ended.

I know that many of you out there work the same hours that I do, basically all the time. That many of us our sole income families like mine, for the time being. And that we work to provide for our children, and in some cases our significant others, to give them what we know they need to be able to have success in their own lives as they grow. And to take the burden of stress off of them.

The reality is I’m not careful about taking that time off anymore and a lot of it is self-imposed. I have all these goals and I have ideas about where my business and my clients should be ranking, and videos to create for them, and managing their social media, and building out their websites, and writing more of that great content, and ooh there’s something else shiny dangling there!

It’s not always worth chasing if it requires missing out on life. I think it’s a big mistake because our clients innately are not going to get the best work from us. When you’re tired and you are disorganized when you haven’t take the time to plan, or sleep, your clients are gonna suffer for it.

We are given day and night; why don’t we use them as such? And we wonder why we’re so tired come the next morning. We’re tired because we haven’t stopped working. Even though we could technically say we weren’t at our desks, the reality is, and I know it’s it is for me, I’m still thinking about it. I’m still thinking about the tasks at hand the things that I wanted to get done that I didn’t and it’s just not healthy. At some point, this is gonna catch up with you.

So going into your week today I would just encourage you to make yourself a schedule, something realistic, not like what I do but something realistic like actual hours they could get done in a week. Not non-fictional time spans created in the mind of Maggie that are limitless and boundless, give yourself a realistic schedule and stick to it.

Take breaks when you say you’re going to, because then when Friday afternoon comes around, you can actually go back and look at your week and see how much you’ve actually gotten done. For me I know that gives me some sort of sense of accomplishment and permission, for lack of a better word, to put my mouse down and walk away from my computer.

And then there are a lot of weekends where I physically need to shut my computer off. I need to power down everything, including my phone, and I need to go somewhere where there is no electricity!

So that is it! And now it’s raining again, so I am off! I wish you well! I’ll check in with you all in a few days.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to put our own health and well being secondary to our work. No matter what kind of entrepreneurial enterprise you have taken on, time is always at a premium. For me, as a digital marketer in Southern California, finding and justifying time for myself and my loved ones can be a struggle.

1. Take weekends off. Don’t have normal weekends? Doesn’t matter. Whatever your days off are, make those your weekends.

2. Get solid rest, away from technology, so that when your week begins again, you’re ready to tackle it with a fresh mind and attitude.

3. Stop feeling guilty for being a human being. We all need sleep.

Feel free to reach out to me and send me your tips on staying healthy while running your small businesses! I would love to hear from you.

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