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SEO and Social Media Marketing for huge online visibility requires expertise and knowledge.

I have gotten a lot of questions about where this program came from and what I expect to see change about the way we are using Social Media for Marketing.

This week, I am sharing my desire for proper SEO and Social Media Marketing tactics, both of which fed into the creation of this program.

A lot of you have asked where this social media hybrid came from and the truth is that it’s not a single enterprise. It has morphed from its initial platforms into something that I’ve taken and kind of run off the trail with in different directions. Testing things and through trial and error, figuring out what works and what doesn’t, what’s powerful, how best to use the tools the free tools that we have on hand from Google and Yahoo and Bing.

We need to use these tools in a way that is engaging and encourages sharing and brand awareness and brand loyalty and trust. Ultimately the goal here is for companies to instill a sense of trust in their consumers, their clients.

Social media done correctly, social media done effectively, will require a personal face to it. It’s where you engaged with potential clients. It’s where clients reach out and have their audience engage with them. Without the use of these, and the correct use of these, all above board, the chances of ranking any business in a supersaturated market is actually quite it’s quite slim.

I think it’s something that we tend to glaze over and I know when I was taught traditional SEO I didn’t understand the value of Google other than a ranking tool for web sites for landing pages and perhaps for ads. But I understand it now on a level that I didn’t before and I am excited, really encouraged by the results that I’m seeing in some of my own online ventures. Some ventures that I’ve partnered on in areas and niches markets, supersaturated markets, where you would think the limit of your SEO had been reached and in some cases it quite honestly it had,

There is only so much that you can do with traditional SEO on its own, it does have boundaries. My hope is that we could encourage people to be using above board SEO, and with that, this above board hybrid program. It just really exploits the power of Google in the most positive ways, using all of Google’s platforms, all of them free for you and your clients. It really enables you to reach out and attack audiences that I know for a fact all of us marketers have been overlooking.

So for you asking out there: What can I do next for my client? Things have been stagnant. They’re slowing down and my landing pages are slow, my conversions are dropping. The client wants more traffic.

The answer is this hybrid.

I think it’s important to note that most of us marketers, search engine optimization marketers, have been taught to use social media in a way that allows us to have a presence. But the honest truth is we haven’t been using social media in a way that allows us to truly engage, to increase brand trust, and That’s a problem. That is a problem.

And honestly, that’s where the rubber hits the road here with clients who have big spends on SEO and invested years in the development of their sites and their content strength, everything that goes into building out websites for these super niche markets that are in supersaturated areas.

There’s a point where you hit a wall and I’ve had a lot of clients come and ask:

  • How do I get over this wall?
  • How do I bring clients in?
  • How do I engage better with my audience?
  • How can I make an impact on the future of this clients company?
  • How can I help increase their brand awareness?

I think the honest truth is most people are using social media, but they’re using it incorrectly.

  • They’re on platforms, but they’re not engaging.
  • They’re creating content, but it’s not content that is shareable.

There needs to be some level of a personal element here for brand trust to grow. Without brand trust companies can only move so far forward.

Every brand has an audience!

Finding the audience and tuning into that audience in a way that makes your posts and your social media endeavors engaging is the trick. It really is.

And the second factor is we need to be using every platform at our dispense. Everything that is out there, that is built just for this; for sharing and posting and linking, it all needs to be used for every single one of our clients.

The results can be incredible. It just they’ll blow your mind.

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