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I am Maggie Chang and I specialize in generating relevant targeted traffic for local small businesses. My clients include local rehab centers, residential and commercial contractors, attorneys, business financing, solar power, churches and artists. I enjoy helping my client’s succeed using the Internet specifically; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Websites, SEO, Social Media. I have been helping clients nationally since 2013 using special unique techniques to be found more often in the Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engine. I enjoy using my graphic design, project management, writing and research skills to bring more people to any website.


Specialties: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Ads, Websites, SEO, Social Media.

Maggie Chang

Digital Marketing Specialist, Birdie SEO

Social Media and SEO Hybrid Program

We all know that it’s very difficult and expensive to be found on page one of Google. By using Social Media, we can effectively attract the right target audience to come click through to your website, getting you found on pages one to five of Google search results.

Welcome to Birdie SEO

My special Social Media and SEO Hybrid program works to get you found on pages 1-5 within Google. We all know how difficult and expensive it is to be found on page one of Google, so by utilizing the power of Social Media along with solid SEO practices, I am able to help attract your target audience. If you are tired of paying for traditional SEO services and not getting the results you deserve, click through to learn more about what makes my program so special.

“With almost zero business experience, I came to Maggie hoping she could help me turn things around. She did so much more for me. I am so grateful for the education she provided, hours of advice, and never-ending patience.”


Grace P.
Small Business Owner
“I am a believer in Birdie SEO. I admit, I thought I would be closing my doors after only 17 months, but her strategies work. I couldn’t be more thankful. My wife and I are thrilled.”


Gray B.
Retail Marketing
“When my business partner and I cemented our monthly expenses, we agreed to put 20% into marketing services. Yes, it was a huge chunk, but we believe it is why we survived the first 2 years. Actually, it is why we thrived and grew beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you Maggie!”


Bobby R.
Start-Up Company